Ryoma Admin Tips

Here’s some tips to use the Ryoma admin system.

  1. Put task in Progress while working on it
  2. If you work a bit, then pause and work again on the same task, just put the time spent on it until then and update the task. You can came back at the task anytime later
  3. When completed, the task is put on Hold and assigned to Fabrizio Palladino.

Messaging system

It is possible in the system to send direct messages to the people involved in the project. You can either send one to one messages or messages in a conversation.
To start a new conversation click on the mail icon on the right-top in your dashboard

Then you will have your conversation saved, or you can start new conversations



File that are uploaded to the tasks are visible to the client, so only definitive design or docs should be uploaded there. For drafts and ideas use the Slack channel instead